VVR Housing Prestigious Selction - 'SAI PARADISE' - Visionary's Choice & Investor's Destiny !

 Why North-West Hyderabad...?

 Out of the five main national highways in Hyderabad, Mumbai National highway NH-9 has many attractive features in View of City Growth. Majority of the land in north-west hyderabad is allotted to Residential purpose, IT sector,  Tourism projects, and Film studios only, which are non-pollutive. 45% of Residential zone in recently approved HMDA Master Plan - 2031 is on North-West Hyderabad only, which indicates the residential potential and upcoming growth in construction acitivity. Many of engineering, management and other graduation level educational institutions are in North-West Zone Only ! With Excellent ORR connectivity to Hitech City, Financial District, Gachibowli, International airport etc., the property investment on Mumbai NH-9 will envitably assure the desired appreciations !


Why ORR Zone of Medak District...?

Patancheru ORR zone is Hot Destiny in modern Hyderabad. Land prices crossed Rs.150 lakhs per acre in the surroundings of Patanacheru ORR. Right time to invest in ORR Zone of Medak district like Isnapur, NH9, Sangareddy, etc., having vast scope for commercial development.Many Apartments and Villa projects are completed and many under construction and much more to expect in the short-future. With Excellent public transport facility, ORR zone now is dream destiny for many own home aspirants in Hyderabad, as much more private and public sector employment is to be generated in the near future. Majority MNCs already acquired many lands in the surroundings of Isnapur, Kandi, Rudraram, Lakdaram, Ismailkhanpet, Sangareddy, Sadashivpet etc. In the approved HMDA Master Plan - 2031, ten major Mandals in Medak District like Sangareddy, Patancheru, Jinnaram, Narsapur etc are included.

The Upcoming Urban Decentralised Development Centre in Sangareddy, Upcoming Flyover at Muthangi, proposed Radial roads near Patancheru ORR, proposed Wholesale market, upcoming Truck Terminal, the increasing employment sector in Isnapur Commercial hub etc. will change the facet of North-West Hyderabad giving more scope for development of realestate and construction activity in ORR zone of Medak district.


ORR has shown the importance of Land Investment in Hyderabad.

Now, You can imagine the the impact of RRR (Regional Ring Road) on the future of Realestate in Modern Hyderabad !

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....the Visionary's Choice !

Being close to fast growing Patancheru, Isnapur and Sangareddy and with Kandi, Rudraram etc as neighbourhoods, SAI PARADISE is definitely a good option of First and Second Home Buyers !

With ORR on one side, RRR on the other side and Mumbai NH-9 on another side, SAI PARADISE offers Assured Appreciation


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 Most Important Thing to NOTE .... !


SAI PARADISE is the result of months hardwork and analysis done through vigorous field study by the experts and experienced of VVR's prestigious Estates and Lads Department headed by the personnel with more than 4 decades experience in the field. 


Once any project is launched by VVR Housing in any new zone in Hyderabad, more than 50 ventures are done in that area surroundings by reputed realestate companies of Hyderabad.


If you see the past, it is proved and happened on JP Darga Road near Shamshabad, Kadthal near Shadnagar, Jinnaram near Bachupally ORR and now it is the turn of our SAI PARADISE.


Hardly within 100 days, you can expect around 10 projects in the surroundings of SAI PARADISE, taking the yard price to minimum Rs.3000 in short time.


That's the importance of Project Selection by VVR Housing. 


VVR Housing stood ideal for both the customers  and the Hyderabad Realtors too......!